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Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC™)

What Other People Talk About Doing, We Actually Accomplish

Predictable and Consistent Results

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Structural Correction That Actually Changes Your Body - Eliminating the Cause of Your Pain/Symptoms

These photos of my patients all have the same instructions for pre/post treatment: "Breathe in, breathe out, relax, let your body slump".  When your structure is aligned properly, your posture is erect and straight - no muscular effort is needed to stand this way.  ABC™ challenges many of the accepted theories and practices of both Physical Therapy and standard Chiropractic.  ABC™ is the most effective treatment I have found for correcting conditions of pain and dysfunction that go with a slumped posture. Symptoms such as stress on the spinal cord and brain stem, back and neck pain, degenerative conditions of the spine, headaches, fatigue, and many more. 

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What's the big deal with posture?

“Posture affects and moderates every physiologic function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse, and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. The most significant influences of posture are upon respiration, oxygenation, and sympathetic function.” 
John Lennon, BM, MM, C. Norman Shealy, MD, Roger K. Cady, MD, William Matta, PhD., Richard Cox, PhD, and William F. Simpson, PhD, American Journal of Pain Management, 1994, 4 (1)

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Why ABC™?

Rick Stockwell, PT has over 30 years experience working with painful and chronic conditions. He has extensive experience in a variety of unique techniques and is always searching for something that gets to the core issue of a problem.  Rick started training with Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, the founder of ABC™, in 2016, and has been amazed and delighted with his patients results.  The results Rick achieves with ABC™ are more dramatic than any other technique he has used in his career.  We are not concerned about erect posture because it "looks good".  When the bones of the spine are not stalked correctly and the spine slumps, there is a tug on the spinal cord, the brain stem, and nerve roots. There is compression of the lungs, heart, and internal organs.  The bones throughout the body twist and rotate to compensate. Correcting this has tremendous effects throughout the entire body.  The only body problems ABC™ doesn't help with are cancer, infections, fractures, diabetes and the like.  Within 2-6 weeks of starting ABC™ treatment, most patients will be able to do things they haven't been able to do for years due to supposedly "getting older".  To schedule a consultation or begin treatment with Rick for ABC™, give him a call or use the contact form below. For more information on Rick and Sunrise Physical Therapy, visit our main website.  For more information on ABC™, continue to explore this website.

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A spine specialist did 2 cortisone shots (only gave temporary relief) and referred me to physical therapy.  After 7 weeks of traditional PT, there was no change.  I was in constant pain.  Imagine a woman with appendages protruding out of concrete slab with a slight tilt, no differentiation of lower, middle and upper back.  That was me!  I walked like a robot.  When I turned my head my whole body turned.  My left hip was higher than the right one.  It was painful to stand or walk.  Simple household tasks that required lifting, climbing and standing for a prolong time were unbearable.  Friends recommended Rick.  Within 2 weeks of starting to work with Rick I was doing household chores I hadn't been able to do, I was walking again, and my pain was down to a 3 from an 8.  Gradually over the course of a year, Rick corrected all my problem using the ABC technique.  He unwound years of poor posture from compensations due to injuries.  Now I have three backs; lower, middle and upper.  I can turn my head without having to turn my entire body.  I can move my body freely and gracefully and most importantly, I am totally pain free.  I am moving better than I have in at least 8 years, and have a whole new awareness of my body that I never had before.  The change is not temporary.  Nothing less than a miracle!

Anita A

I had been seen by another Physical Therapist for issues with hip/psoas  pain.  We were able to get things in the hip calmed down. However, with the realignment of my hips and lumbar spine muscles I had alignment/muscle balance issues between the thoracic spine muscles and the lumbar spine muscles.  This caused spasms and general pulling and pain in muscles that I felt were now fighting each other, rather than working together as they should.  

I have seen Rick 10 times for ABC™ and have had huge progress in the alignment and balancing of muscles between the thoracic spine and lumbar spine.  I no longer have the muscle spasms that plagued me previously.  I am looking forward to this summer and being able to hike, bike and enjoy all Durango has to offer without nagging muscular issues.


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ABC™ Information

Links for more Information:

How ABC™ differs from other Manual Body Therapies

ABC™ Miracles (lots of information)

Lifestyle Advice:  Sitting and Sleeping

ABC™ Introduction by Founder Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

This in a great introduction to and explanation of Advanced Biostructural Correction.

Dr. Jutkowitz on How The Body  Works -

A great overview of how structure changes with posture affecting the entire body.

ABC™ - How and Why it Works

This is the full version of How and Why ABC™ Works.  It is 1 hr 45 minutes, but very informative for those who really want to understand what ABC™ is all about.

ABC™ Adjustment Process

This is a demonstration of the ABC™ adjustment process by Dr. Jeff Aberle

Spine 101 - Why Our Spine Hurts

Another video by Dr. Aberle explaining why we hurt when bones go out of place in the direction the body cannot self correct.

Cause of Brain Fog and Symptoms of Concussion

Dr. Aberle explaining what happens when C7 goes out and how ABC™ can correct it.

Causes of Brain Fog and Fatigue- Tethered Cord Syndrome

Another more in depth video and explanation by Dr. Aberle explaining what happens when the spinal cord gets stretched and stuck, and how ABC™ helps.

ABC EndoNasal Cranial Correction™ Introduction

Dr. Aberle discusses how to adjust the interior bones of the skull with ABC EndoNasal Cranial Correction™.

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